Leaders’ Committee The Leaders’ Committee is our main decision making committee. Each borough is represented on the committee by their Leader or Elected Mayor (and in the City of London, the Chair of the Policy & Resources Committee).

Executive The Executive is a 12-member cross-party group. Leaders’ Committee elects from its members a Chair, a Deputy Chair and up to three Vice Chairs. Cllr Georgia Gould (LB Camden) is the Chair. The Deputy Chair is Cllr Darren Rodwell (LB Barking & Dagenham). The three Vice Chairs are: Cllr Teresa O’Neill (LB Bexley); Cllr Ruth Dombey (LB Sutton) and Catherine McGuinness (City of London).

Transport and Environment Committee The Transport and Environment Committee deals with a wide array of issues, including congestion charging, CCTV enforcement, waste and recycling, air quality and public protection. The Chair is Mayor Philip Glanville (LB Hackney).

Grants Committee The Grants Committee comprises 33 representative members, one from each of London’s local councils. The Chair is Cllr. Richard Watts (LB Islington).

London Councils’ London Government Directory contains details for every councillor and the most senior officers in the 33 London councils alongside borough profiles and some key local statistics.

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